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Statistics say that 80% of consumers use their phone to shop, and more than a third use their phone to purchase. So … if you don’t have a mobile solution, then you’re missing out on that growing volume of potential sales.

PayLeap Gives You Access To The Mobile Shopper… Simply

Our technology makes it possible for you to take payments securely from consumers using their mobile phone from anywhere in the U.S.

Only PayLeap offers your consumers the option to pay on their mobile device using their debit card and PIN. Consumers love paying with their PIN—in fact it is the most used form of electronic payment. Now with PayLeap your customers can pay using their PIN right from their phone.

And of course PayLeap Mobile handles all the traditional forms of electronic payment: credit cards, gift cards, recurring payments, ACH transactions, you name it — all in one simple account, making your job easier.

LeapLock Means Rock Solid Security

A hosted or iframe payment page using PayLeap LeapLock technology lets you get going with minimal development and no PCI compliance headaches. Cut and paste some text into your website and you can take mobile payments. Our LeapLock hosted pages figure out what device the consumer is using and serve up appropriately formatted content for that device, making the purchasing experience as easy as touch and swipe.

Get going fast with LeapLock

Using LeapLock is the fastest way to implement mobile payments and avoids the need for PCI compliance.

Roll With Your Chosen Shopping Cart

If your website uses any of the major third party shopping carts, using PayLeap is a matter of updating a few settings in your shopping cart software. Within the software you can capture credit card information yourself or choose LeapLock, in which case you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance.

Only PayLeap enables your shopping cart to accept PIN debit payments

With a PayLeap enabled shopping cart your customers get access to PayLeap’s unique PaySecure® PIN debit technology, enabling them to pay online using their debit card and PIN.

Roll On Your Own With the PayLeap API

PayLeap provides a comprehensive API and a variety of SDKs that enable you to tightly integrate your website or mobile app with PayLeap’s payment technology. While more complex, a complete PayLeap integration gives you incredible flexibility to customize the purchase experience on your mobile app or website. And our SDKs mean 80% of your work is probably already done.

PayLeap for mobile includes:

  • e-Commerce Account
  • Recurring Billing
  • Secure Vault Storage
  • Custom Payments Form
  • Custom Branding
  • Online Dashboard
  • Virtual Terminal

PayLeap’s included growth advantage tools:

  • Gift Card Issuing & Processing
  • Live Training & Support
  • Traditional Merchant Account
  • ACH / Check Processing