For Developers

For Developers

“PayLeap’s customer service was super helpful and professional, and I would recommend any business to try them.”

– Joe Haddad /

For Developers

PayLeap is a developer win/win. It’s a win for your clients because they get a comprehensive solution that is easy to use and easy to pay for. PayLeap is a win for you because of our strong developer support program, including a revenue sharing option.

Client Advantages

In addition to basic payment processing capabilities, PayLeap includes advanced payment options and additional payment related functionality unavailable from other processors.

  • PaySecure® Internet PIN Debit. Only PayLeap offers internet PIN debit, opening up millions of additional U.S. and international customers for your client.
  • Advanced Payment Options. PayLeap supports all types of cards including gift cards, recurring payments, and tokenization.
  • Additional Functionality. PayLeap includes electronic invoicing, extensive online reporting and social sharing tools that permit consumers to share their purchases on their social networks.

Developer Advantages

PayLeap offers a complete online/mobile API, SDKs for various environments, 24×7 developer support and a revenue sharing option

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