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Even smaller merchants these days have online stores. PayLeap makes it easy to enable your website to accept a full range of payment types from credit card to PIN debit.

Only PayLeap Enables Your Website or Mobile App for PIN Debit

Consumers love paying with PIN debit, which is the most popular form of electronic payment. Traditionally PIN debit has only been available for point of sale applications, but with PayLeap you can take PIN debit transactions on your website. Consumers enter their card number and then use the PayLeap scrambling PIN pad to enter their PIN, ensuring security.

Easy To Integrate


Pick the PayLeap integration solution that is right for you

PayLeap offers a variety of integration methods. Our LeapLock hosted pages make it possible for you add payments to your website in a few minutes. Many merchants find they can add the links and make the changes needed themselves. If you require a more complex online store, PayLeap is already integrated into all the major shopping cart software and most of the smaller vendors as well

Enables PIN Debit


Only PayLeap gives you the option of online/mobile PIN debit payment. PayLeap includes access to our unique internet PIN debit technology at no extra cost.

Bring Internet PIN Debit to your mobile app or website

Only PayLeap offers your consumers the option to pay on their mobile device using their debit card and PIN. And not just U.S. consumers. Our technology can process PIN payments from millions of consumers outside the U.S. who have PIN debit cards, but often don’t have credit cards.

Mobile Support

mobile support

PayLeap’s LeapLock hosted pages automatically configure themselves for mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop screens, so your customers get the ideal payment experience no matter what device they are using. And, since you are using PayLeap, they can use the PINs and debit cards right from their phones.

PayLeap makes it easy to bring payments, including PIN debit, to mobile

PayLeap provides a complete mobile API and several SDKs, making it easy for developers to integrate both traditional and PIN debit payment right into their mobile apps.

More and more commerce is moving to the phone. Get ahead of the crowd with PayLeap.

PayLeap for e-commerce merchants includes:

  • e-Commerce Account
  • Recurring Billing
  • Secure Vault Storage
  • Custom Payments Form
  • Custom Branding
  • Online Dashboard
  • Virtual Terminal

PayLeap’s included growth advantage tools:

  • Gift Card Issuing & Processing
  • Live Training & Support
  • Traditional Merchant Account
  • ACH / Check Processing