Tailored for Developers

With our online heritage, PayLeap is quite familiar with the challenges and needs of developers. We have created a complete API and numerous SDKs to ease the burden of integrating both web and mobile applications with PayLeap. In addition we offer tools that help our developers grow not only their clients’ businesses, but also their own.

Become A Hero

Your customer may have expected payment processing. But with PayLeap you are going to exceed his expections. PayLeap includes an invoicing module, extensive reporting options, recurring payments and ‘card of file’ support, integrated social sharing tools and of course PaySecure® online PIN debit. Merchants love PIN debit because it costs them less than credit cards and traditional debit and is very popular with consumers all over the world. And did we mention mobile integration? With PayLeap the same tools you use for integrating your web app also work for mobile apps.

Easy Integration

If you have done integrations with other popular payment processors, you are going to be pleased with PayLeap. (If you haven’t done other payment integrations, count yourself lucky.) Our API is stable and extensively documented. We offer a variety of SDKs for different development environments. And we provide 24×7 support. We know the faster you complete the integration, the faster your client comes online.

Relax. It’s a PayLeap integration.

PayLeap takes most of the work out of traditionally complicated payment integrations and provides additional features not available from traditional payment processors.

More Payment Options

We’re living in a mobile world, one that is rapidly moving from credit cards to debit cards. With PayLeap you keep your clients on the leading edge. PayLeap’s LeapLock hosted pages are optimized for mobile devices, automatically re-formatting to fit phone and table form factors. The PayLeap API and SDKs include hooks for iOS and Android mobile apps, so you can use the same code base to integrate your client’s web site an mobile app. And only PayLeap permits your clients to offer PaySecure® online PIN debit, with it’s much lower cost of acceptance. Online/mobile PIN debit gives your client the ability to accept payments from millions of international consumers who have debit cards, but not have credit cards. Even in the United States, debit cards are the most popular form of electronic payment.

PayLeap includes PaySecure® mobile and PIN debit.

With PayLeap your clients’ can sell to way more consumers in way more places

Extra Good, Built In

Of course PayLeap accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ACH transactions, mobile payments, etc. PayLeap also includes electronic invoicing, integrated social sharing and extensive reporting options that add value, especially for smaller or medium sized merchants.

Bring additional functionality to your client—no extra charge

All the traditional payment options plus mobile, PIN debit, invoicing, reporting and social sharing.

Become A PayLeap Affiliate

Traditionally merchants pay developers fees up front for integrating payment solutions into their web and mobile apps. With PayLeap, developers also have the option of joining our affiliate revenue sharing, which generates an unlimited permanent revenue stream based on your client’s transaction volume. Developers can use this revenue stream to lower the up front fees to their clients or enhance their own income.

PayLeap offers developers an additional revenue stream

By choosing PayLeap developers can be more profitable and/or flexible in their client pricing.

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