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One Stop

PayLeap does it all. Take payments in person? Check. Payments over the phone or by mail? Check. Payments from mobile devices? Of course. Online payments? No problem. In addition to credit cards, PayLeap handles debit cards, checks, cash, ACH transactions, gift cards, you name it. And only PayLeap lets consumers use their debit card and PIN to pay online.

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Mobile Point of Sale

PayLeap converts any mobile phone, tablet or computer into a merchant terminal with super powers. Why pay extra for specialized payment hardware and networking, when you can use your computer or even your phone? But, if you already have an investment in traditional payment hardware, PayLeap will work with it just fine.

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Easy to Set Up / Easy to Use

You can set up a PayLeap merchant account in less than ten minutes. Don’t believe it? Watch this demo. Once you’re set up you have access to everything you need to generate invoices, keep track of accounts receivable, track payments, enter transactions, manage refunds, set up recurring payments, etc. For online merchants, we’re already integrated with most popular online shopping carts and have built in hooks for social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a complete API/SDK for tighter integrations.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Everybody promises low cost, but when you compare rates you either find high rates or very complex pricing schemes. PayLeap is the best of both. One simple, affordable rate. No hidden charges.

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Internet PIN Debit

Customers love PIN debit. Debit card use continues to soar while credit card usage is stagnant. Merchants that want lower payment/chargeback costs love PIN debit even more. With PayLeap technology your customers can pay using their PINs not only in person but online and even using their phone. Actually we're the only ones who have the technology to do this. Seriously.

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