For Developers

PayLeap is a developer win/win. It’s a win for your clients because they get a comprehensive solution that is easy to use and easy to pay for. PayLeap is a win for you because of our strong developer support program, including a revenue sharing option.

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Client Advantages

In addition to basic payment processing capabilities, PayLeap includes advanced payment options and additional payment related functionality unavailable from other processors.

  • PaySecure® Internet PIN Debit. Only PayLeap offers internet PIN debit, opening up millions of additional U.S. and international customers for your client.
  • Advanced Payment Options. PayLeap supports all types of cards including gift cards, recurring payments, and tokenization.
  • Additional Functionality. PayLeap includes electronic invoicing, extensive online reporting and social sharing tools that permit consumers to share their purchases on their social networks.

Developer Advantages

PayLeap offers a complete online/mobile API, SDKs for various environments, 24×7 developer support and a revenue sharing option

API Guides

Sample Code

Developer Resources

Get SDKs & APIs

Everything you need to integrate to PayLeap.

Hosted Payment Page

Crisp, clear details on how to simply add a hosted, secure payment page.


iOS and Android tools for secure mobile app payment acceptance.

Developer Affiliates

For developers interested in an ongoing partnership, PayLeap provides an affiliate program that can generate lifetime residual revenue.